Lesson is an experience

Assalamualaikum =D

Everybody has their own experience.
People got their own experience on certain things. People said lesson also is an experience.

Different situation, is different experience.
Even when we make a friends, we had a different experience from other people. 
Different people will give us different experience. 

Rewrite your story
Bukan mudah, tapi we need to try.
Kena cuba.
Keep moving.

Changes need a times. So just take time how much you need. We can’t push ourself. We have our own limit. Do whatever you love, dont limit yourself. 

To be positive and move on from certain situation, also need a time. Just take your time, and please dont push yourself.

I have watch one video on Youtube, one successful person said - everybody will do what things they dont like to do, and they have their own stress. Instead of to find the happiness, find a hobbies. A hobbies definitely will make you happy  😊

p/s - picture credit to this website. And maybe you can read more about “15 quote that will inspired you”, in the website. Just click the link (highlight with pink colour).

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