Its time for photoshoot again and again at my room

Assalamualaikum =D

Hai guys. Yes, definitely! After been thinking for the long long day, finally I meet another tools photoshoot at my room. Fuhhhh…Actually I have bought it years ago, but just remember about it yesterday hehee. Its time for photoshoot again and again at my room.

My photoshoot idea at home

My photoshoot idea at home
The frame is actually from my cloth basket - bought it from shoppe. The cloth basket is been broken already haha. 

I just kept the frame. While the backdrop, buy years ago. Purposely for photoshoot.

But ya, till yesterday just got the idea. Lol 🙈.

Like usual, I still love to blogging, or even  photoshoot at my room with the “pink” view ✌🏻❤️😂.

Here is the result….
The picture is not been edited tau.
I just snap snap with my try and error, angle.
I just took it from my phone camera only.

My photoshoot idea at home
Just try, not for review hehe.

My photoshoot idea at home

My photoshoot idea at home
Because she is huda, so must have flower with pink colour there, ✌🏻.

My photoshoot idea at home
Taraaaaaaaaa, this is my tools for photoshoot, but with not proper background.

Purposely buy all the item for my photoshoot (photoshoot location -  my room).

Buy it, online and physical store.
Still need to buy a backdrop, easy to take selfie ✌🏻. But for now, just took a ‘proper’ photo every single angle at my room 😅🙈.

Later I will review one by one.

My photoshoot idea at home

My photoshoot idea at home
Not proper, right? I even not satisfied with this photo.

Need to buy a backdrop. The other flower (maybe), easy lah nak photoshoot gitu.

Plan to buy a camera (but not for now, later once got a budget, InshaAllah).
Actually, its part of my dream.

For now I just upgrade my phone first. 
One of the reason, why I do upgrade my phone is because to take a photo.
Yes, purposely to take photo 😂.
Just buy mini phone (version) guys, since I don’t really like big phone (even I know the function is much much better, but I don’t have more budget) 🙈.

My aim -  still need to learn proper way to take photo. Malu laa, org dah bagi buat review.

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  1. pening kadang nak amik gambar produk..

  2. good luck!blogger if selalu buat review memang better kalau ada photoshoot area

  3. Good job Huda, all the best..

  4. Aku pun pening.. tapi try and error la kalaau nak photoshoot tu kan.. Kena fikir sesiap background yg cemana.. aku takda spesifik background..Dinding rumah je aku selalunya... Kalau tak tudung plain.. haha.. I loveee lah u beli barang barang ni.. thanks for sharing.. nanti aku try search jugak yg ko suggest tu

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