A diary - behind the scene photoshoot product at home

Assalamualaikum =D

Hai guys. A diary - behind the scene photoshoot product at home . Here what we call, just do the best till you get the result you want. Every time plan to record a video, or any short video for certain things as I wish. I always decide to watch any video on youtube or IG reels first, for me to get an idea. It is just for my reference, not to copy paste their idea.

A diary - behind the scene photoshoot product at home
First of all, think how I gonna present my unboxing video. 

Haha this time such many way I try. Of course la with my try and error method. But still, many things need to learn ✌️.

Like always, I just do simple video or simple short video jer.

A diary - behind the scene photoshoot product at home
Behind the scene la gitu ✌️.

I have my own table special for photoshoot. Plan to add some backdrop, and others later. A very simple set-up.
Location, my room.

Finally I made it guys. Seriously it been taken two days, to finish up  my photoshoot and video editing session. Normal la, I have full time workers, and part time blogger.
Acah - acah busy la gitu 😂😝.

Full video on my Instagram reels - click here

Sofwanah Cosmetic Product
Applying lip creme -  combination shades of Luna + Bloom. Eyeliner - Mocha.

Personally I love the combination shades of Luna + Bloom,  and Bloom shades itself ❤️

Fyi, the product is from Sofwanah Cosmetics. Planning to write an article soon.

My current review on Instagram - click link

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