Just Talk : It no fault and no right

November 02, 2020


Just Talk : It no fault and no right | Sometimes what we said and we share, there have no fault and no right. Sometimes it just not meet people expectations.

What we think and others think, sometimes not same. They have their own opinion, and we also have our own. 

From certain situations, we can learn something. Normally at first, we can’t really accept the situation.
But maybe in future, we will accept it.

And they too.

Its normal, its life.

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  1. Dan..berhati-hati jika brkongsi masaalah dengan sesiapa...
    Salah penyampaian, lain jadinya, bukan sekadar talk, silap-silap jadi umpatan...

  2. wowwww ... Just talk ! Its normal and its life ❤️

    1. hehe just talk ni bersiri tau ain. konon macam segmen blog I berceloteh la gitu, haha. padahal banyak aje entry. eh tiap entry la aku berceloteh hahahhaa


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