Random Friday Story

Assalamualaikum =D

Hi guys. Just wanna update my highlight today - Friyay. Call it Random Friday story with a very short entry ✌️😂.

First of all, sorry if my english is broken 🙈.

1. A very nice day, today. What people call, start with Bismillah. End with, Alhamdulillah.

2. Alhamdulillah, Allah make my journey easy today. I felt little bit free (with my list job), but still got some task/stuff to do at the office. Go back early, plan to buy some kitchen stuff.

Beli barang dapur dekat Aeon
I took this, took there, and the total for kitchen stuff costly RM80++. That is why I rarely buy a kitchen stuff at Aeon. Actually it is my very last minute planning, went to Aeon. The main plan is to refuel, and pump tyre at nearby petrol station 😂. Dont know other shop nearby, coz I dont stay there ✌️. So Redha jela….🙈. 

3. 2 minute before 7pm, just arrived home. Wow its too late, luckily buka puasa still at home. 

4. Like normal plan - eat what my mom cook. But today got some extra. My younger sister bought us Starbuck. I select Mocha, till cannot sleep lah 😅🤣. My sister in law, bought set of cupcake for us.

Cupcake cakesbyfash
The cupcake is from Cakesbyfash’s cafe. Wala, wala, walaaaa….. I took lot of sugar today✌️. Serious ah, the cupcakes look very tempting, and its really delicious ❤️

Know what, I really love all cakes and dessert at Cakesbyfash. For info, as I know before she open her cafe, she is  homebakers. Know her from my member of family too ✌️. Actually kan, our family is not really with dessert and cakes tau. But sometimes, my mom ask me to order some dessert or cakes from Fash (owner cakesbyfash). Haha Cakesbyfash made my parents love varities of dessert/cakes la ❤️.


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