Listing Buffet Ramadhan 2022 Johor Bahru diatas RM100

Assalamualaikum =D

Ramadhan 2022 datang lagi. Ingin mencari buffet ramadhan yang recommended, dengan harga yang berpatutan? Rasa makanan dia pun not bad sedap? Berikut adalah senarai/listing Buffet Ramadhan 2022 Johor Bahru atas RM100.

1. Selera Warisan Buffet Dinner - Holiday Inn City

Listing Buffet Ramadhan 2022 Johor Bahru diatas RM100
more information - (FB Post Holiday Inn City)

2. Selera Warisan Buffet Ramadan - Four Point by Sheraton

More info - (FB Post Four Point by Sheraton)

3. Citarasa Ramadan - Amansari Residence Resort

More info - (FB Post Amansari Residence Resort Johor)

4. Selera Ramadan - Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel

More Info - (FB Post Renaissance Hotel Johor Bahru)

5. Buffet Ala Bazar - Pulai Spring

More info (about price) - (FB Post Pulai Spring)

6. Jemput Makan di Kampung Holiday Villa

More info (abour price) - (FB Post Holiday Villa)

7. Juadah Bigbox - Sunway Hotel Johor

More info (about price) - (FB Post Sunway Hotel)

8. Dari Dapur Bonda - Trove Hotel

More info (about price) - (FB Post Trove Hotel)

9. Jom Buka Puasa di KSL Hotel

10. Arabian Night - Thistle JB

More Info (price info) - (FB Page Thistle Hotel)

11. Tradisi Warisan Paragon - Paragon Hotel JB

12. Dari Dapur Fraser - Fraser Place Puteri Habour

More info (price info) - (FB Post Fraser Place)

13. Citarasa Muhibah - Ramada Hotel

More info (price info) - (FB Post Ramada Hotel)

14. Makan - Makan @ Opero Hotel - Opero Hotel JB

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