Preparation of...


Assalamualaikum, =D

Hai semua,

Preparation of...Ya, of course when there have any special event, of course we will do some preparation. And maybe it is special preparation for your day (example). 

Actually, this is focus on my big day. Wedding? Engagement? Maybe?

No. No. Big no! 

Kasilah sis bina kerjaya dulu, hihi ✌. 

My big day on these August! =D

p/s: this picture was taking by my father during my brother's G - day ( a year ago). Masa ni ambil berkat dan semangat abang dan adik huda, yang convo pada November, 2016. 

All preparation has been made. Hopefully everything will run smoothly, InsyaAllah.

Can't wait to see all my friends, especially my best friends 💕.


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  1. good luck XD Misaki lambat lagi kowt nak grad,.. tak sure bila O.O ahahahha

    nak cari kerja tggu jap lah ehehehe

  2. Tahniah farah.
    Semoga dapat kerja yang best dan boleh bertahan lama. ;)

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