What is Zcoop Malaysia (magazine online)

by - June 04, 2017

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What is Zcoop Malaysia. Did u heard about Zcoop Malaysia, before?

Previously, Zcoop Malaysia is known as Zalora Community Malaysia. After that, they was change the name to Zcoop Malaysia. 

Just click on the picture to access the website of Zcoop Malaysia. 
Zcoop Malaysia is the online magazine for Zalora. 

Just an info for you, besides Zcoop Malaysia, Zalora also provide their online magazine for people outside the Malaysia, and there have their own page of Zalora Community (you can just click on the link below). 

etc etc (that was related with Zalora).

Zcoop Malaysia is just like the other magazine within Malaysia even outside the Malaysia. They provide you, the article about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, entertainment, etc etc. 

If you have a free time just visit the Zalora Magazine Malaysia (Zcoop Malaysia) =D

Zcoop Contributor 

Zcoop contributor means the guest writer that has been selected by the chief editor of Zcoop Malaysia. As I know, they are among the selected blogger. 

Thanks to Zcoop because give us opportunity to write an article at the page of Zcoop Malaysia. 

You can read the article from the guest writer at the website of Zcoop Malaysia. 

Click the picture to know them well.
p/s:Sorry lah ayat - ayat bio huda (biodata) dekat page contributor tu macam terabur sikit (bukan macam mmemang  🙈). Previously, huda ada edit new profile tapi maybe diorang terlepas pandang kot dan lupa nak tukar ke macam mana (I don't know) 🙈.

Thanks baca entry kali ni,


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  1. wuuu bestnya nanti airah singgah sana baca pulak hehe

  2. Siqah ada dapat invitation join Zalora community tapi tak join pun. Sebab tak yakin dan rasa tak boleh nak commit. Huhu. Sekarang rasa macam rugi pulak tak join =(


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