Just now watching vlog - make up tutorial


Assalamualaikum, =D

Hi semua,

Selamat malam. 

Just now watching vlog  - make up tutorial. Well well well, bila dah besar macam ni baru impress nak pergi belajar make up, even hanya dengan tengok dekat laman youtube. Entah kenapa, kalau buka youtube mesti ada je selingan buka make up tutorial. And I'm big impress tengok make up tutorial yang Maria Elena share on her vlog, (yang ni huda ada share dalam previous entry. You can scroll down to read the entry hhehe). 

And tadi ada terbuka satu vblogger ni punya vlog, Aisha Liyana nama vblogger tersebut. Big impress bila tengok video dia. And dia make up pun, ada yang neutral and ada yang heavy make up juga. The way she speak and do the tutorial on her video also make me impress.

Macam Maria Elena, sporting. 

So this is her channel. Just click on the picture then it will automatically go to her youtube channel. 

Gigih tengok make up tutorial sebab nak belajar make up. Then I will apply it bila ada event jela. Bila takde event...

Kesudahannya aku tetap apply very basic make up on my face. 

I am too lazy nak make up, unless pergi event ke apa, baru rajin nak make up. Even pergi kerja pun, just apply the basic make up jelah on my face. 

Mosturizer, foundation, compact powder, lip ice, lipstic and eyeliner (yang tak rajin nak apply. Kalau rajin je baru apply on my eye).

Sampai sini sahaja sempat tulis entry kali ni. Hari dah malam, kalau ada masa lapang nanti huda tulis lagi ye. Thanks guys keep visiting and read all my entry,

Salam =D

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